Guest Speaker: Contemporary Quilt Association of Seattle, Oct. 8, 2021

Heritance‘ dance film release: December, 2021

“Heritance” Dance Film

The passing down of love, knowledge, and life experiences from one generation to the next, depicted through dance and dress.

Original Concept, Costume, & Creative Collaboration: Margaret Chodos-Irvine
Choreographer, Dancer, & Editor: Erica Badgeley (website coming soon!)
Dancer & Choreographic Collaborator: Lucie Baker
Composer & Musician: Gretchen Yanover
Videographer: Devin Muñoz
Location: Bitters Co., Skagit Valley, WA
Supported in part by: King County 4Culture

If you’d like to donate towards a live performance of “Heritance,” and future film projects, you can do so here: